EnHaven Limited Partnership is a boutique investment fund focused on acquiring under-valued and proprietary assets.  Our strategy is to acquire, combine, and enhance companies and technologies for the penetration of defined markets with differentiating products and services.  The viability of each acquisition is dependent on the potential development of a highly profitable value proposition.  Experienced management and integrated operating systems using sophisticated marketing and sales tactics will deliver success at new levels.  EnHaven is deliberately assembling resources to realize a more than respectable return on investment.

EnHaven current market activity, with an environmental conscience, is focused in Water Treatment and Soil Stimulants  However, new acquisition opportunities in other markets continue to emerge.


Global Micro Bio Technologies Laboratory building naturally derived microbiology in formulation to target specific organic material.
EnBioConcrete Industrial Contractor Sales to Landfill Waste, Coal Power and Mining industry with patent pending variations to remove metals from water, lock metals and other contaminants into soils for reuse and to cap contaminated soils to prevent leaching.
Enbiorganix Consumer sales and marketing to the domestic market with on-site wastewater systems that eliminate septic odors and sludge build up while restoring septic tanks and fields to a healthy working condition.
Enbiorganic Technologies A sales and marketing company of bioaugmentation within the water treatment industry including Algae HAB remediation for commercial,  industrial and municipal applications.
Terra Cibus Sales and marketing of naturally derived products from what is otherwise considered organic by-waste from agricultural operations. These products provide a sustainable solution that results in higher crop yields with lower input costs and has a notable positive impact on the environment.